PI Desk Reference

 Identify OSR Division/Unit for Your Project

Various OSR divisions and units, as well as other campus offices, are involved in the research administration process. 

Proposals and Grants

The Proposals and Grants team supports proposals and awards for federal grants and non-profit sponsors, either directly or flow through. 

Contracts and Awards

The Contracts and Award teams review and set up awards and subawards from federal, state, municipal, foreign governments and non-profit sponsors. The Business Contracts Unit, a sub-unit of Contracts and Awards, supports Training Affiliation Agreements, Outgoing Clinical Professional Service Agreements (PSA), including Medical Director and Call Coverage Services and Non-Clinical and Non-Research Outgoing Recharge and Sales Services Agreements.

Industry Contracts Division

The Industry Contracts Division (ICD) supports industry-sponsored research and collaborations, industry funded clinical trials, confidentiality and other unfunded agreements and material transfer/data agreements. Email your officer, assigned by department, with the relevant documents for all matters.

Office of Clinical Trial Activation

While not under OSR, the Office of Clinical Trial Activation (OCTA) also provides support to industry-funded clinical trials by creating and finalizing the budget (ICD executes the contract). Submit a Service Now Request to OCTA.

Find your department’s assigned OSR staff for your project on the Find My Support webpage. For more details see Responsibility Matrix