Compliance and Policies

Last updated on February 22, 2018

Researchers are expected to comply with a variety of regulations and policies. This page lists the various oversight requirements, policies, and committees which are important in overseeing the sponsored research process. 

UCSF Compliance Offices and Information



UCSF Policies

There are many campus policies involved in the research administration process.  These policies are primarily located in the Academic Administration (100), Financial Administration (300), and Contracts and Grants (400) sections of the Campus Administrative Policies.

Following are other UCSF policy links:

In addition to actual shipment of a commodity out of the United States, export regulations also control the transfer, release or disclosure of technical data about controlled commodities to foreign persons in the United States.

  • Integrity of Research: Along with the Integrity of Research campus policy (100-29), Academic Affairs offers further procedures on Integrity of Research.


UCOP and Regents’ Policies


Federal Policies and Regulations


Human Resources Administration

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