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Subaward/Subcontract Capital Advances

At UCSF, advances are limited to foreign subrecipients  in Low and Middle Income Countries. The maximum amount allowable on an annual basis is 25% of the annual amount plus upfront costs including the purchase price of any equipment budgeted.

Along with a Subaward/Subcontract Request Form, the following must be supplied:

  • PI and Department Representative must  sign a subrecipient monitoring assurance letter certifying that they has read and understands all UCSF subrecipient monitoring requirements.
  • Budget calculation for how the working capital advance amount is being determined.
  • If there are upfront costs, provide an explanation of the costs and an estimated period as to when these funds will be spent by the subrecipient.

For foreign subrecipients not located in Low or Middle Income Countries that request a Working Capital Advance, please contact the Subcontracts Team to request an exception: [email protected].

Reconcile the advance on the invoices each year. Replenish the advance if needed and/or adjust to meet the needs of the project. Advances may be carried over from year to year.

Review Advance Invoice to ensure amount is not more than is allowed by the subaward contract.

Detailed Instructions

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