Issue Subawards/Subcontracts

Request Subaward/Subcontracts

Initiate Request

Principal Investigator and/or department notifies the OSR officer that accepted the award of Subcontracts needing to be issued. 

Prepare and Compile Request

OSR team prepares and submits the Subaward/Subcontract request to the Subcontracts team. 

  1. Subaward Request Form (SRF) (Short Form/ Long Form/Instructions)
  2. Applicable Documents
  3. Additional Materials as required
    • If under Federal Contract, provide Contracting Officer Approval (COA) or have the COA prepared with your Subaward Request Form.  
    • If request is < 90 days from start date, submit a justification for the late submission. 
Review and Submit Request

OSR Subcontracts team: 

  1. Reviews the Subaward/Subcontract Request Packet.
  2. Requests additional information, as needed. 
  3. Completes required compliance checks.
  4. Prepares subcontract agreement/amendment.
  5. Works with subrecipient to receive the signed agreement. 

Need help?

Contact the Subcontracts team