Negotiate Award

OSR is responsible for preparing, interpreting, negotiating and accepting grants on behalf of The Regents of the University of California (UC) for sponsored projects. 

Review Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions may be found in the:

  • Sponsored agreement, and incorporated by reference
  • Sponsor policy for by-laws
  • Sponsor website

Award terms and conditions must:

  • Be consistent with federal laws and regulations
  • Comply with UC Regents Standing Orders
  • Comply with UC and UCSF Policies
  • Meet the needs of the researcher

Negotiate Award Terms & Conditions

This process is relevant for non-NIH sponsors only. 

If necessary, OSR requests changes to terms & conditions in order to ensure terms are acceptable to UCSF and all parties agree to the content of the document. If the award requires negotiation it will be assigned to OSR staff specializing in complex negotiations.

Standard Terms to Review/Negotiate

Publication: UC policy and the Contracts and Grants manual require UCSF to undertake research or studies only if the scientific results can be published and disseminated.  Therefore, UCSF is unable to accept any award that prohibits or restricts publication, access or dissemination of research results, or prevents UCSF from disclosing the existence of an agreement.  

Indemnification: The transfer of financial responsibility from one party to another in the event of a specified loss is called indemnification. UC is only permitted to indemnify for the culpable acts or omissions of UC’s own employees, officers, agents, students, invitees or guests, which include strict liability, negligence and gross negligence.   

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): UCSF is considered a covered entity under the Act.

Warranty: UC will not guarantee any research or study results.

Liability: UC generally is unable to accept third-party liability and will not accept unlimited liability.

Intellectual property: UC retains all rights and ownership to inventions developed prior to and during the course of sponsored research.

Export control: UC follows all federal guidelines on accepting and transferring export controlled information. Learn more

Choice of law: Since UC is a state of California constitutional corporation, UC should accept the application of California law or, in the alternative, remain silent.