Submit Proposal

Submit for Institutional Official Review and Approval

Proposal Review/Submission Timeline

Federal and Non-Profit Sponsor Grants and Fellowships

Required Documents/Information
See Established Timeline
  • Final Budget
  • Final Budget Justification
  • Other Required Documents
Five (5) Business Days Before Sponsor Deadline
  • Final proposal, excluding the research plan
Three (3) Business Days Before Sponsor Deadline
  • Research Plan*


  • For proposals submitted electronically, sponsors recommend submitting at least 48 hours before deadline.
  • For proposals requiring hard copies, the research plan must be submitted 3 business days before sponsor deadline.
  • After the final budget is submitted for institutional signature, it may not be possible to revise budget.

If the above guidelines are not met, OSR will make every effort to submit a proposal but cannot guarantee a sponsor and University compliant proposal or an on-time submission.

Industry Grants and Fellowships

Required Documents/Information
See Established Timeline
Before Submitting Application
  • Final Submission Materials required by the Sponsor.
  • Final Budget, if required by the Sponsor.
  • Notify ICD Officer upon submission. 
If Grant/Fellowship is Awarded
  • Notify the ICD Officer.
  • ICD Officer reviews and signs agreement and will then notify you when finished. 

Principal Investigator Certification/Assurances

By selecting “I Agree” and routing the application for submission, the Principal Investigator is certifying that they acknowledge and agree to the following assurances. This certification will be made available to authorized Federal officials upon request.

  1. The information submitted within this application is true, complete, and accurate to the best of my knowledge (NIH GPS;
  2. Any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or claims may subject me personally to criminal, civil, and/or administrative penalties (NIH GPS;
  3. I accept responsibility for the design, execution, conduct, and management of this project and to provide the required progress reports if an award is made as a result of this application (NIH GPS;
  4.  I certify that I am not currently indicted, charged, suspended, debarred or proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from receiving federal funds; and have not, within the previous 3 year period, been convicted of or had a civil judgment rendered against me related to performing a public transaction or had any public transaction terminated for cause or default as fully described in NIH GPS-Debarment and Suspension;
  5. I certify I have not used federal or non-federal funds to influence any federal department or agency or associated personnel, a Member of Congress, an officer or employee of Congress, or any other person with regards to this proposal (NIH GPS 4.1.17);
  6. I certify I have not been judged to be in default on a Federal debt and had a judgment lien filed against me as fully described in NIH GPS-Nondeliquency on Federal Debt.

If you are also serving as the Department Chair on this proposal:

  • By approving this proposal submission, the administering department chairperson/ORU director assures that adequate facilities and resources are available and that the work performed is in accordance with university policy for the duration of the project.

Submit Proposal to the Sponsor

UCSF uses a number of different portals to submit proposals, depending on the type of funding mechanism. Coordinate submission with the appropriate OSR contact, as the majority of these systems require institutional authority.

OSR will confirm proposal receipt by emailing the PI and department within 24 hours of proposal submission or by copying PI/post-award as part of submission. If submission was performed by the PI or department, they will copy OSR as part of the submission.

Respond to Just-in-Time (JIT) Requests

Sponsor may request information prior to funding the award, also referred to as Just-in-Time (JIT) requests. Requested JIT information may include: