Administer an Award

Once an award is finalized, administration of the funding (post award) is handled by the Controller’s Office and department Research Administrator (RSAs or Post-Award Staff). Post award administration requires tracking and reporting for all the sponsored research funding and milestones. 

Progress Reports

Progress reports are sponsor required reports providing specific information about the activities and accomplishments of a PI during a budget/project period of a grant. Depending on the sponsor, progress reports may include only narrative information or only financial information, or both, and may be required at varying intervals (e.g., annually, bi-annually, etc.).

For NIH Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR)s:

During RPPR preparation, PI will need to address the following compliance question if there are any subawards on the project: 

Did the PI access subrecipient’s data/documentation that supports the research outcomes described in the Progress Report/RPPR to confirm that the performance outcomes reported are accurate and complete?

The question may be answered either:

  • Yes, the PI accessed data/documents,
  • No relevant data/documents to access.

If left unanswered, an error will prevent routing for approvals. Please direct any concerns/questions with accessing data/documents to the Research Security Program webpage. If concerns are specifically related to foreign government laws, regulations, or policies, please contact to [email protected].

The prime recipient has an essential obligation to oversee the work of subrecipients (both foreign and domestic) and as part of that oversight they need access to data/documentation that supports the performance outcomes, reported by subrecipients, to confirm that they are accurate, complete and properly reflect programmatic goals, as stated in the RPPR (NIH GPS If requested by NIH or auditors, recipients are expected to provide access to such data (NIH GPS 8.4.2).

By checking the PI Assurances in eProposal, PIs attest that the information submitted within the application is true, complete and accurate to the best of the PI’s knowledge (NIH GPS


Notify OSR

The Proposals and Grants team provide support for progress reports from all sponsor types except government and for-profit contracts.

At least 30 calendar days prior to deadline for standard grants.

At least 60 calendar days prior to deadline for large grants such as proposals with subcontracts.

Four (4) to six (6) months prior to deadline for Program Project Grants (PPG), complex Center, institutional training grants and U grants.