Award Modifications

Administrative Modifications are changes to an existing award that do not affect the approved budget total or the approved performance period of the award and are updated in the Research Administration System (RAS). Typically, prior approval from the Sponsor is required before the Administrative Modification can occur.  

The Proposals and Grants team provides support for administrative modifications not requiring negotation to awards from all sponsor types except government and for-profit contracts. The Awards team provides support for administrative modifications requiring substantive negotation to awards from non-profit sponsors and incoming subawards/subcontracts. The Government Contracts team provides support for administrative modifications to federal, state, municipal or foreign government contracts. 

General Process

After the Principal Investigator, department sponsor request an administrative modification: 

If required, OSR completes a CACTAS correspondence record documenting prior approval requests sent to the sponsor. OSR ensures that compliance requirements (e.g. PI Status, COI, IRB/IACUC approvals, approval of all parties involved) are in place. 

Once approvals and compliance are completed, OSR creates an Admin Modification CACTAS record and submits it to Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA). 

CGA completes the CACTAS record and updates the award in RAS. 

Award Modification Types

The following are examples of changes that do not require substantive negotation.