Plan Project

Whether UCSF is submitting an application as a Prime or Subrecipient, the UCSF application must be reviewed by the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). 

Begin Working with OSR

Notify OSR

At least 30 calendar days prior to sponsor submission deadline for non-complex solicitations such as R01, R03, R21 including fellowships and industry sponsored grants and fellowships.

At least 60 calendar days prior to sponsor submission deadline for large proposals, such as proposals with subcontracts or international components, subcontracts to SBIRs/STTRs, and complex or ambigious industry grants and fellowships. 

4-6 months prior to sponsor submission deadline for complex proposals such as complex center grants, institutional training grants and cooperative agreements such as P30, T32, U54. 

Additional notice is requested during holiday periods. To respond to last minute requests from the sponsor, notify the appropriate OSR contact (depends on sponsor and agreement type) immediately. 

*If OSR is notified further in advance than the timeframes outlined above, OSR staff and PI will agree upon a date for OSR to provide a completed timeline. Internal review processes will be part of a checklist between OSR staff and PI. If the above guidelines cannot be met, OSR staff will make every effort to submit a proposal but cannot guarantee a sponsor and University compliant proposal or an on-time submission.

Email the following to your appropriate OSR Contact (depends on sponsor and agreement type):

  1. Sponsor Name
  2. Sponsor's Instructions (may provide a link)
  3. Sponsor Due Date
  4. If UCSF is a Subrecipient:
    • Prime Applicant/Institution Name
    • Prime Applicant Instructions (to UCSF as the Subrecipient)
    • Prime Applicant Contact Name and Email
    • Prime Applicant Due Date for Subrecipient Application
  5. Participants