OSR Advisory Board

The charge to the OSR Advisory Board is to advise the Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Sponsored Research on sponsored research service delivery, customer needs and strategic alignment of UCSF sponsored research with campus goals. 

Specifically the Board is asked to:

  • Provide input on service levels and delivery
  • Advise on new and/or anticipated customer needs or requirements
  • Support the planning for and implementation of proposed process, policy and technology improvements for research administration 
  • Ensure alignment with UCSF-wide goals and objectives

Board Chair

Stephanie Louie S[email protected]

Board Members

  1. Jim Kiriakis [email protected]
  2. Bin Liu [email protected]
  3. Georgina Lopez [email protected]
  4. Shelby Mayoral [email protected]
  5. Ellyn McCaffrey [email protected]
  6. Mae Moredo [email protected]
  7. Sam Pleasure [email protected]
  8. Christine Razler [email protected]
  9. Jon Rueter [email protected]
  10. Andrej Sali [email protected]
  11. Joanne Spetz [email protected]
  12. Winona Ward [email protected]

Contact any Board member with concerns, feedback or input concerning research administration