Business Contracts Unit

The Business Contracts Unit provides expert services to campus customers on the following types of agreements:

  • Training Affiliation Agreements (TAA)
  • Outgoing Clinical Professional Service Agreements (PSA), including Medical Director and Call Coverage Services
  • Non-Clinical and Non-Research Outgoing Recharge and Sales Services Agreements

OSR Support Roles

Business Contract Officer/Principal Business Contract Officer

  • Negotiating outgoing clinical and non-research business contracts and  training affiliations agreements 
  • Leading negotiations in international institutional affiliation agreements in collaboration with internal stakeholders such as IRSO, HR, EVCP, Legal, Risk and Privacy offices
  • Collaborating with external parties, Deans’ Offices, Legal, Risk, Privacy and internal administrative service offices to ensure agreements are compliant with UC policies and procedures

Business Contract Associate

  • Assisting Contract Officers with recordkeeping and reports in Salesforce system
  • Drafting TAA and F2/F3 agreements for Contract Officers using UCSF templates
  • Providing all other administrative support to the Business Contrracts Unit as needed

Request a Business Contract

Professional Service Agreements

Submit through the PSA Platform in CACTAS at least 45 days prior to start of services.     Request CACTAS Access


Training Affiliation Agreements

Submit through the TAA Platform in CACTAS at least 60 days prior to the training start date     Request CACTAS Access

Requests must be submitted by the appropriate school (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy or the Graduate Division)

Students interested in training with an agency or at a location outside of the UC system, must first contact their respective school administration office. The school administration office will then submit the official request to the Business Contracts Office via CACTAS.


Sales and Service Agreements

Recharge Activity - Both Internal and External Customers (F2)

To set up an agreement with an external customer, the designated point of contact from the lab or department should:

  1. Review F2 vs F3 Flow Chart
  2. Complete the Business Contract Request Form for Established Core Labs 
  3. Submit the form (with all signatures) and the Budget Office Recharge Approval letter to [email protected].

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External Sales of Education Related Activities (F3) (no internal customers):

  1. Review what is NOT an external services agreement.  Also review F2 vs F3 Flow Chart 
  2. Complete the Request Form for External Sale of Educational Activity. Completed by the designated point of contact from the lab or department should complete
  3. Submit the form and any necessary attachments, to [email protected]


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