Review a Proposal

Last updated on May 17, 2016

Reviewing a proposal includes the following steps:


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Step 8: Submit proposal documents to the institutional official for review          


All proposals must be vetted by an institutional office (either a certified RSC or the Team Manager) prior to submission.  PIs must submit proposal components to their Research Services Coordinator (RSC) in accordance with the established checklist/timeline.

The RSC will obtain necessary approvals using eProposals prior to the sponsor deadline within these timelines (per the RMS Service Partnership Agreement):

 Proposal Review Timeline: Federal and Non-Profit Sponsor Grants and Fellowships 
Consult with Department to Determine Timeline Final Budget, Final Budget Justification and/or any Other Required Documents by Department
5 Business Days Before Sponsor Deadline: Institutional Review  Final proposal excluding research plan
3 Business Days Before Sponsor Deadline *Research Plan


  • For proposals submitted electronically, sponsors recommend submitting at least 48 hours before deadline.
  • For proposals that require hard copies, the research plan must be submitted 3 business days before sponsor deadline.
  • After the final budget is submitted for institutional signature, it may not be possible to make changes in the budget.












If the above guidelines cannot be met, the RSC will make every effort to submit a proposal but cannont guarantee a sponsor and University compliant proposal or an on-time submission.




Step 9: Complete all changes requested by the insititutional official

RMS bears the responsibility of ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations and protecting the interests of the University and PI>

The RMS officer reviewing the proposal may suggest or require changes prior to approving a proposal.  The officer will communicate these requests to the RSC, who will then assist the PI with making any necessary updates or adjustments.


What's Next? Submit a Proposal, Step 10