Outgoing Subawards/Subcontracts Team

The Outgoing Subawards/Subcontracts team provides expert services to investigators working on issuing outgoing subawards/subcontracts to other institutions.

Matters handled by the Subcontracts team: 

Subcontract Officer

  • Draft, issue, and negotiate subawards/subcontracts on behalf UCSF
  • Interpret and explain subaward/subcontract terms to the UCSF research community
  • Help resolve issues during the subaward/subcontract preparation and execution process
  • Perform final risk assessment review prior to signing subaward/subcontract.
  • Sign outgoing subaward/subcontracts on behalf of UCSF

Subcontract Associate

  • Draft and issue some outgoing subawards/subcontracts including Multiple Campus Awards, no-cost extensions, and early terminations
  • Review compliance prior to issuing the subaward/subcontract including audit/risk assessment review, restricted party screening, and completion of the request
  • Manage Subcontracts Team reporting processes including FFATA

For information on an existing contract, please use CACTAS to check the contract's status and locate the assigned analyst.