BCH Oakland Work Orders

The Research Services Agreement (RSA) between UCSF and BCH Oakland provides a mechanism for reimbursing BCH Oakland for their costs on sponsored research at UCSF. A Work Order, as defined in the RSA, allows UCSF to reimburse BCH Oakland for their costs.

In order to request a Work Order, a request form must be submitted to the Subcontracts Team. Included with the request form is a scope of work for the Oakland specific portion, a detailed cost-reimbursable budget for Oakland’s direct costs only, and a budget justification.

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General Process

Proposal Stage

  1. Obtain costs that need to be reimbursed at Oakland.
  2. Put into UCSF budget in appropriate cost categories.
  3. Save each document as separate back-up files for ease of processing after award stage.

Issuing Work Order

  1. Department requests a Project ID with an Oakland location if Project A does not have an Oakland location.
  2. Department also creates a Speedtype linked to this new Project ID with the Oakland location code.
  3. Subaward Request Form is completed and emailed to the Subcontracts team for processing. Include the scope of work (SOW), budget, and justification for just the Oakland costs.
  4. Subcontracts Team will issue the Work Order to Oakland.