Non-Federal Sponsor Guidance

The Health Research Alliance (HRA) is a collaborative member organization of non-profit research funders that is committed to maximizing the impact of biomedical research to improve human health. They represent over 85 non-profit funders that have invested nearly $14 billion in biomedical research and training.

HRA solicited feedback from its members on how they are preparing for or responding to COVID-19, and combined this data with information compiled by a team at the Simons Foundation. They’ve consolidated the information into one spreadsheet, which contains data from 80 non-profit sponsors. 

Also see additional guidance received directly by UCSF from the following sponsors:

California Wellness

Topic Guidance
Late Submission Policy No guidance at this time
Pre-Award Costs No guidance at this time
No-Cost Extensions Principal Investigators should work with OSR to email [email protected] and they will connect you with the staff managing your grant in order to extend the grant period.
Carry Forward of an Unobligated Balance No guidance at this time.
Expenditure of Awards Funds for Salaries, Stipends and Other Project Activities If the work you were hoping to accomplish has been disrupted or impacted due to current conditions, then you may reallocate Cal Wellness grant dollars to help you address the crisis.
Delays in Research Progress Including Financial and Other Reporting Any reporting requirements with a due date of 12/31/2020 or before will automatically receive a six-month extension. There is no need to take additional action on your part.
Travel Costs No guidance at this time.