Close Out An Award

Last updated on September 25, 2019

As you approach the end date of your award, you need to consider whether you want to request a time extension for the award or whether to begin the closeout process. The award notice lists end date and reports required. Plan ahead to allow time for the sponsor to review and approve your request (response varies by sponsor).  

Contact your Research Services Coordinator (RSC), who will assist with the process.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you need more time to complete your research, work with your RSC to request an extension. Conflict of Interest needs to be cleared before the extension can be approved. 

If you will complete your research by the specified end date and an extension is not necessary, you should wrap up your project and prepare any required reports. This may include a final scientific report, as well as financial and final invention statements.

Please see NIH Tutorial on Grant Closeout in eRA Commons.

The following are considerations for the most commonly required reports:

  • Scientific: The final scientific report requirements may vary depending on sponsor. NIH allows the PI to upload and submit the final report through eRA Commons. For private sponsors, PIs may also be able to submit the final technical report themselves. However, if institutional sign-off is required, coordinate with your RSC.
  • Financial report: In general, Contracts & Grants Accounting (CGA - formerly EMF) will coordinate with your post-award analyst to complete and transmit the financial report. If needed, EMF will coordinate with RMS.
  • Final invention statement (NIH): The PI must disclose any patents or inventions that were conceived or first actually reduced to practice during the course of the award, including inventions previously reported as part of the grant or award. This statement will be submitted through eRA Commons by a Signing Official after it is verified by the Office of Technology Management. Coordinate with your RSC to provide the proper information.