Set Up An Award

Last updated on October 25, 2017

The award acceptance process ends when a fully executed contract, grant or amendment is received from the Sponsor and all compliance requirements are in place.  Then Contracts & Grants Accounting (CGA) completes the award set-up by entering the financial (e.g. F&A rates) and award information (e.g. terms) in the Research Administration System (RAS). This also includes uploading award documents and transmitting award information to the department and PI. The data entered into RAS is used to generate reports and track funding.   

See Review of an Award for Steps 1-3 of Award Acceptance:

Step 4: Award Set-up

 The RSC will route to Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA) in CACTAS for RAS setup and Chart of Accounts (COA) assignment.

Posting Level Dept ID

CGA will notify the Department and PI once the award set-up is complete.  CGA will provide the award# (e.g. A121300), the primary project ID (e.g. 121300A), and Posting Level Dept ID.  Departments have 1 business days to request changes to the assigned Posting level DeptID.

For multi-project award, the Department must make a request to [email protected].  CGA will then generate additional ProjectIDs linked to the fund (e.g. 121300B, 121300C, 121300D, etc.)

OSR Rep List

The OSR Rep List is a list of departments’ post award contacts.