Upgraded Compliance Process for International Activities and Collaborations

Due to the concerns several federal agencies (NIH, NSF, DOD) and recent UC audit regarding undue foreign government influence, UCSF is strengthening our data collection and compliance process. 

Effective July 1, 2022: During proposal preparation additional international compliance information will be requested from the PI. 

The PI’s responsibilities include actions to:

  • Answer all international compliance questions at proposal stage
  • Inform appropriate parties of all international collaborations regardless of funding
  • Review details to ensure that all Sponsor forms are accurate and complete
  • Respond to compliance assessments at the time of proposal, or follow up at the time of award if advised to do so by the Export Control Office (ECO). 

The Export Control Office (ECO) and International Research Support Office (IRSO) offices will be notified when proposals are routed to PI/Chair for approval in eProposal if international collaborations are involved. ECO and IRSO will reach out to the PI for follow-up to collect additional information and/or offer additional support if needed.

The ECO will: 

  • Review to determine whether further export control compliance review is needed (typically for activities that may require an export license or santions)
  • Work with the PI to support any further actions needed for export or sanctions compliance.

Direct Inquiries to: [email protected]

The IRSO Team will:

  1. Review to determine whether further input or operations support is required based on the scope of work and geography
  2. Work with the PI and OSR staff regarding the following topics/issues to improve planning and preparation in support of operations:
  • If the proposed research includes countries in which UCSF maintains a registration through Global Programs for Research and Training (Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Laos)
  • If the proposed work includes the hiring of employees or contracting of independent consultants
  • If the proposed work includes a development of a partnership agreement (e.g., Memorandum of Understanding, Institution or Unit Affiliation Agreement)

Direct Inquiries to: Joe Novotny ([email protected]) and Gladys Villacorta ([email protected])