Upcoming Changes to the NIH Biographical Sketch and Other Support Format Pages

NOT-OD-21-073 announces changes to NIH Biographical Sketch and Other Support forms and instructions. The new forms and instructions apply to applications and RPPRs submitted for due dates on or after January 25, 2022 (NOT-OD-21-110). 


NIH Biosketch webpage for forms/instructions/Samples/FAQs

Notable changes to the NIH Biosketch

Section A: Personsal Statement

Will include ongoing and completed research projects from the past three years that you want to draw attention to (previously captured under Section D. Research Support).

Section B: Positions, Scientific Appointments, and Honors 

In reverse chronological order, list all CURRENT positions and scientific appointments both foreign and domestic, including affiliations with foreign entities or governments. This includes titled academic, professional, or institutional appointments whether or not remuneration is received and whether full-time, part-time, or voluntary (including adjunct, visiting, or honorary).

Section D: Research Support

  1. Non-Fellowship Biosketch Template – Removed entirely
  2. Fellowship Biosketch Templates – changed to Scholastic Performance 


Researchers may wish to consider transitioning to the updated NIH Biosketch template in SciENcv. Using SciENcv eliminates the need to repeatedly enter data on a Word document. Researchers will also be able to leverage their information from the eRA Commons, Research.gov, ORCID, and NCBI. 


NIH Other Support webpage for forms/instructions/sample/FAQs 

Notable changes to the NIH Other Support: 

  1. Re-organized entire format
  2. Effort is projected for each budget period for the entire project period
  3. Separation of funded projects from in-kind contributions
  4. Signature block added for PD/PI or Senior/Key Personnel certification of accuracy of information – each PD/PI or Senior/Key Personnel must electronically sign their respective Other Support section prior to submission. A typed name is not an electronic signature and is not acceptable. Docusign and Adobe certified digital signature are acceptable.
  5. Requirement of support documentation - Other Support submissions that include foreign activities and resources must include copies of contracts, grants, or any other agreement specific to Senior/Key Personnel foreign appointments and/or employment with a foreign institution as part of the Other Support. All supporting documents must be in English
  6. When a recipient organization discovers that the PI or other Senior/Key Personnel failed to disclose outside of JIT or the RPPR, they must submit an updated Other Support as soon as it becomes know  

The Office of Sponsored Research conducted training for the campus reviewing the changes to the Biosketch and Other Support. 

Town Hall - NIH Biosketch and Other Support Updates - April 28, 2021

Q and A session #1 - May 11, 2021

*UPDATE - Since the recording of this training session, NIH has updated their instructions and samples for Other Support and Biosketch.

Notable Changes to the FAQs and Instructions:

  • NIH does not require disclosure of recently completed support in Other Support submissions, only current and pending resources.
  • The Biosketch must include all current positions and scientific appointments.  It is not required to list all positions a researcher has ever held.