Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Stipend, Tuition & Fees, and Other Budgetary Levels for FY 2024

NOT-OD-24-104 announces FY 2024 stipend and other budgetary levels for Kirschstein-NRSA awards made on or after October 1, 2023, and supersedes NOT-OD-23-076.

FY 2024 NRSA stipends increase 4% for predoctoral fellows and trainees (to $28,224) and 8% for postdoctoral fellows and trainees (beginning at $61,008). Though NRSA award stipend levels for fellows and trainees remain less than the University-established salary and stipend minimums, the FY 2024 NRSA stipend levels narrow the gap that Principal Investigators and Departments must cover to meet the established minimums.

  • All FY 2024 awards issued using FY 2023 levels will be revised by NIH to adjust funding to FY 2024 levels.
  • Appointments to institutional training awards that are adjusted to FY 2024 levels must be amended once the award has been adjusted and submitted through xTrain.
  • Retroactive adjustments or supplementation of stipends and other budgetary categories with NRSA funds for awards made before October 1, 2023, is not permitted.

NIH is committed to reaching the recommended beginning stipend level of $70,000 over the next three to four years, as appropriations allow.

Institutional Allowance/Training-Related Expenses are increased to $4,750 and $12,400 for predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows/trainees, respectively.

We anticipate that NIH will increase in the childcare subsidy by $500 (from $2,500 to $3,000).

Please see the Notice for details and where to direct inquiries.