Federal Government Shutdown – Contingency Plan

Update (10/2/2023):  Congress passes bill to keep governement funded through Nov. 17, 2023. 

In anticipation of a potential federal government shutdown, the UC Office of the President has posted guidance on its Federal Government Shutdown webpage. The Office of Sponsored Research will monitor Agency Contingency Plans and sponsor communications for updates from our federal sponsors. 

Should a shutdown occur, the following may be expected: 

PROPOSAL SUBMISSIONS: The Proposals and Grants Teams will conduct business as usual and continue preparing and submitting applications to sponsors. Any exceptions will be based on agency contingency plans and communications. During the shutdown, OSR will continue to prepare competing and continuation proposals in anticipation of the resumption of business. 

FEDERAL GRANTS and COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS: Generally, for active awards there will be minimal impact and performance will continue. No new federal awards will be processed by federal sponsors for the duration of a shutdown. For pending federal awards, departments may, at their own risk, request to set-up an award advance to spend funds prior to an award being received or approved. Once a shutdown is lifted, there may be further delays as the Federal Government resumes its operations.

FEDERAL CONTRACTS: Work on some contracts may be impacted by Stop-Work orders. OSR will monitor and advise PIs, as needed. If you receive a notification regarding impact on the activities of a federal services contract, please forward that notification to [email protected] immediately. 

OUTGOING SUBCONTRACTS: The Subcontract Team will continue to process Outgoing Subcontract requests for active awards. 

Again, OSR will monitor the situation, and provide details to the campus, as needed.

Please direct inquiries to [email protected].




UCSF FAQs (updated 9/28/23)


Q:  I understand that proposals will still be developed and submitted by OSR to federal agencies, including NIH, if possible, but will proposals be reviewed during the shutdown?

A: Peer reviews/study sections are not expected to occur during the shutdown. OSR will monitor agency guidance regarding changes to deadlines, expectations for proposal review, etc. and provide additional details, as they become available.

Q: Will the NIH be performing study section reviews on grant proposals during the shutdown?

A: Study section reviews are not expected to occur during the shutdown which could lead to delays in proposal reviews.


Q:  I am expecting an award based on information received from a federal sponsor, but the award has not been issued. I was planning to transfer lab staff to the new award to begin work.  Can I begin work on the project since I know that it will be funded?

A:  No new federal awards will be issued by federal sponsors during a shutdown. Departments may, at their own risk, request to set-up an award advance to spend funds prior to an award being received or approved. To do so, contact [email protected].


Federal Agency FAQs (updated 9/28/23)