Research Management Services

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Research Management Services (RMS) provides expert administrative support to all researchers, from pre-award through the award process on all grant mechanisms. RMS teams collaborate with the Principal Investigator (PI), his/her department and our sponsors so that PIs may be successful in their research grants. 

RMS is composed of ten teams (A-J) that are housed at many campus sites (including Parnassus, Laurel Heights, Mission Bay, SFGH and Mt. Zion).  Each team includes a Pre-Award Manager, Research Service Coordinators (RSCs) and RMS Associates.

Our services include:


To help us provide our customers with the highest level of service, and to ensure timely and accurate proposal submission, we appreciate advance notice.

As noted in the RMS Service Partnership Agreement: The RSC will work closely with the PI and provide a high level of customer service.  We expect that the PI will work collaboratively with the RSC and respond to the RSC’s requests in a timely manner as outlined below. 

We expect the PI to notify the RSC of the intent to submit a proposal:

  • At least 30 calendar days prior to sponsor submission deadline for standard solicitations, including fellowships.
  • At least 60 calendar days prior to sponsor submission deadline for large proposals, such as proposals with subcontracts or international components.
  • 4-6 months prior to sponsor submission deadline for complex proposals such as complex center grants, institutional training grants and cooperative agreements.


Additional notice is requested during holiday periods. To respond to last minute requests from the sponsor, we expect the PI to notify the RSC as soon as possible.

The RSC will communicate initial proposal development task list/timeline to faculty within 3 business days and will collaborate with PI on developing final timeline. Internal review processes will be part of a checklist between the RSC and PI.  

Please see the proposal review timeline. See our Service Partnership Agreement and RMS Services-What Remains Department Responsibility for more information.

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