CACTAS (Centralized Agreement Contact Tracking and Approval System)

Last updated on September 20, 2017

CACTAS is available for Department Users via single sign-on at MyAccess.  This tool provides Department Users with the ability to check status of award activities, identify the analyst assigned to the action, view compliances needs, view documents uploaded to the CACTAS folder, etc. 


Requesting Access

To request access to CACTAS please email [email protected]

Subject Line: Request for CACTAS Access

Provide the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Email adress
  3. Employee ID Number


Helpful Webinars

There are three search options available for Department Users to look up award activities:

  1. How to Search in CACTAS Webinar

    Webinar demonstrating how to search in CACTAS.

  2. How to Set Up Views in CACTAS Webinar

    Webinar demonstrating how to set up views in CACTAS.

  3. How to Run Reports in CACTAS Webinar

    Webinar demonstrating how to run department reports in CACTAS.


Helpful Jobaids

Other useful job aids for Department Users are listed below.

  1. How to Find Information in CACTAS

    Job aid demonstrating how to find what you are looking for by using the CACTAS Search Tool, Views and Reports.

  2. Basic CACTAS Dashboard Reports

    Job aid demonstrating how to set up dashboard reports to monitor metrics in graphics of your choosing.

CACTAS Training - The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) provides onboarding and ongoing training for Research Management Services and Government and Business Contracts staff. A limit number of spaces are availabe for Department Staff to audit the training courses.  Go here for descriptions of the training courses and for registration links.