Intergovernmental Personnel Agreements (IPAs)

Last updated on October 19, 2016


Effective February 23, 2015 OSR proposal forms are no longer required for Intergovernmental Personnel Agreements (IPAs) with Verterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers or other government agencies.

Refer to Campus Administrative Policy 100-31 for eligibility and the allowable length of a VA assignment.

NOTE: IPAs with outside agencies other than the VA follow a different application process. Refer to Campus Administrative Policy 100-32 Agreements with OPutside Agencies for Faculty Assignments.

How to Apply for an IPA with the VAMC - New & Renewal

The applicant's home department is responsible for completing all applicable forms, obtaining appropriate departmental approvals, and submitting the application to the VAMC for review and approval. The process for new and renewal IPAs is the same. The forms which may be required are:

1) IPA Application Form OF69 Required for all applicants

Tip: The position description contained in Box 22 of OF69 will be used by GBC for the title of the project at the time of account setup with Contracts and Grants Accounting. For personnel with multiple VA assignments, the department may want to include a summary title if identifiers beyond the applicant's name are needed. Examples:

     "John Smith IPA to the lab of [Dr.XXXX]"

    "John Smith IPA for [Project Name]"

UCSF Department approvals are required and may be reflected in one of two ways:

    • Signature on the OF69 form next to Box 18 or in the empty space at the bottom of page 4, or
    • The department may choose to attach a summary memo containing all required department signatures. An example can be found here. The memo should be submitted to the VA along with the other application documents.

2) UCSF-VAMC MOURequired for faculty with joint DVA/UCSF appointments

Complete the MOU by providing the applicant's UCSF distribution of effort in the categories below:

    • Clinical
    • Administration
    • Teaching
    • Research
    • Other

3) Declaration of Federal Employment Form OF306Required for new assignments, the applicant's social security number is NOT required.

4) Applicant's CVRequired for new assignments.

Once the VA has approved the appointment application, the VA will submit an approved IPA to UCSF Government and Business Contracts for final IPA execution and account setup.

How to Apply for an IPA – Other Than VAMC


 Government agencies may each have their own IPA application form. The department is responsible for completing the application and providing all required information to the agency. Department approvals are required in the same manner as VAMC IPAs.


 If the agency requires UCSF signature prior to submission, submit a completed IPA application packet and agency contact information to Government and Business Contracts for institutional signature and submission. Once the IPA is countersigned by the agency and returned to UCSF, GBC will initiate setup with Contracts and Grants Accounting.