Centralized Agreement Contact Tracking and Approval System (CACTAS)

CACTAS is available for Department Users via single sign-on at MyAccess. This tool provides Department Users with the ability to check status of award activities, identify the analyst assigned to the action, view compliances needs, view documents uploaded to the CACTAS folder, etc. 

Wednesday, November 17th 2021 the CACTAS and PSA/TAA platforms were updated to the new Salesforce user interface called “Lightning.”  The new Lightning interface gives a streamlined, modern look and allows for new enhancements.  



To request access, email the following information to [email protected] with the subject line "Request for CACTAS Access":

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Employee ID Number
  4. Access Requested (e.g. CACTAS Read-Only, PSA Requestor, PSA Read-Only, TAA Read-Only, TAA Requestor, etc.

Principal Investigator Access: 

When a PI is added to the Principal Investigator field, that individual will automatically be given read-only access in CACTAS.  Their access will be restricted to only those records where they are listed as the PI.  NO NEED TO REQUEST ACCESS. 


CACTAS Platform 

CACTAS Release Notes for 5/11/2023 - New release includes PI view access, more ways to view/download files, new task list on home page and more. 


Training Guide about the new CACTAS Enhancements including the following descriptions:

1.      New headings, columns
2.      New Search Functionality
3.      Additional Fields for reporting purposes
4.      New Business Validations
5.      In-App Training Resource link 

CACTAS Training Courses 

CACTAS Training Material for OSR Staff (Restricted Access)

Addtional Training Material: