Set Up An Award

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) – through the Research Management Services (RMS) and Government and Business Contracts (GBC) Divisions – supports and assists faculty and students who receive extramural funding from a variety of federal, state, city and county, and nonprofit foundations.

Grant award letters and agreements are generally sent to a central email account. If you receive an award letter or agreement directly, email it to [email protected], including the PI’s name and proposal number. 

RMS will:

 For new faculty members that have existing awards that will transfer to UCSF, the RSC will work with the PI and the department to set-up the new awards.  Please notify RSC as soon as possible of the arrival of a new PI, preferable 6 months prior to arrival at UCSF. 

The RSC will follow-up with the other institution to ensure that the relinquishing statement has been submitted.  They will request a copy of the form and share with the department. The RSC may request the original application from PI's former institution.  The PI is expected to provide information requested by the RSC and/or department.  The department will provide input on the budget as needed. 

The RSC will follow award intake and setup procedures. 

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