Roles & Responsibilities

Last updated on August 28, 2015

The following is intended to provide a broad overview of the distribution of workload within the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). Please consult the Find Office Responsible tool or the Responsibility Matrix for a detailed breakdown of responsibilities.


Research Management Services (RMS) and your Research Services Coordinator (RSC) are responsible for supporting all federal and nonprofit grants from proposal through awarding, including:

  • Compiling and submitting grant proposals, including budget development
  • Accepting and negotiating awards where the prime source of funding is a grant
  • Supporting awards, including outgoing subcontracts and progress reports
  • Communication and collaboration with sponsors and internal administrative services


For more on the services provided by RMS, please visit the RMS Our Offices page or contact your Research Services Coordinator

Government and Business Contracts (GBC) and your GBC Specialist are responsible for overseeing contracts with federal, state, municipal or foreign governments from proposal through awarding, as well as consultation on business contracts. These services include:

  • Compiling and submitting contract proposals, including budget development
  • Negotiating and accepting contracts
  • Negotiating and accepting subaward agreements where the prime source of funding is a contract
  • Negotiating business agreements including:
    • Training Affiliation Agreements (TAA)
    • Clinical Professional Service Agreements (PSA)
    • Non-Clinical Service Agreements
  • Central reporting of research administration data


For more on the services provided by GBC, please visit the GBC Our Offices page or contact your GBC Specialist. 


For Industry Contracts, visit Office of Innovation, Technology & Alliances (ITA).