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Last updated on December 8, 2015


If you have received funding or are interested in collaborating with individuals outside of UCSF before starting work, the next step is to draft an agreement.  A research agreement will:

  • Protect a researcher’s intellectual property, such as copyrights, patents and rights to data;
  • Help determine the terms and condition around the performance and scope of work and the exchange of information; and
  • Mitigate risk and liability to the research and the University.

Government and Business Contracts (GBC) will handle the drafting and negotiation of sponsored contracts on behalf of the researcher and the University. A Contracts Specialist can provide guidance and assistance in determining the best type of agreement for your project or collaboration.

For Industry Contracts, visit Office of Innovation, Technology & Alliances (ITA).

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Agreement Type

Sponsored Research
A sponsored research agreement is the type of agreement used when UCSF receives funds from extramural sources such as federal, state, city and county or nonprofit foundations for the purpose of research.  Unfunded research collaborations are also considered sponsored research agreements.  An unfunded research collaboration establishes the rights and responsibilities of the respective collaborators.   

Sponsored Agreements are handled by GBC.  See the Sponsored Agreements page for additional information.

For Industry Contracts, visit Office of Innovation, Technology & Alliances (ITA).

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)
An MTA is an agreement entered into by a provider and a recipient of tangible research material such as biological materials, devices, chemicals, software and instruments. The MTA allows transfer of the material while protecting the intellectual and other property rights of the provider so the research with the material may proceed. 

Incoming MTAs govern the transfer of material from another organization to UCSF. Outgoing MTAs govern the transfer of materials from UCSF to an outside entity. Payment is limited to shipping and handling costs only.

MTAs are handled by Innovation, Technology and Alliances (ITA).

Business Contracts
Business contracts are agreements that generate revenue or through which UCSF receives in-kind consideration. Some examples of business contracts are:

  • External recharges,
  • External sale of educational related activities,
  • Training affiliation agreements,
  • Equipment loans unrelated to a procurement action, or
  • Business associate agreements where UCSF is the associate,
  • Professional services agreements (PSAs)

See the Business Contracts page for more information.