How We Are Helping To Prioritize COVID-19 Research

During the height of the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR), Office of Clinical Trial Activation (OCTA), and Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA) remain open for business.  We continue to support the research community and have prioritized all COVID-19 research activities.


Communicating  Research Impact  & Changes

  • OSR is posting current Sponsor Specific Guidance as they are received from prime sponsors.
  • In the absence of funder notification, engage with your grants management and/or program contacts about allowable costs on Federal contracts and non-profit awards.
  • Triage and all teams are closely monitoring receipt of funder notices and suspensions.
  • Forward sponsor notifications to OSR when appropriate at [email protected].
  • Coordinate with OSR as appropriate to assist with formal notification to your funders of work impact. Please work with your RSC or Contracts Officer.



  • OSR RMS is currently supporting Administrative Supplements and Rapid opportunities and will give applications for COVID-19 research support priority, moving them to the front of the line. 
  • OSR RMS continues to provide ongoing support for proposal development and submission for opportunities scheduled prior to COVID-19.
  • OSR RMS is also supporting campus proposal development and submission for Federal contracts, in coordination with the Government Contracts team.
  • IMPORTANT: Timely notification and responsiveness to RSC requests for proposal components will help us to move ALL proposals through the submission process. When initiating communications regarding COVID-19 research support to your RSC please insert “COVID-19” at the beginning of the subject line of your communications to ensure prioritization of your proposal.



  • All OSR teams will expedite the review of COVID-19 related funding, contracts, agreements, and subcontracts.
  • If unsure where to send an agreement for review or award-related matter, send to [email protected]. Please insert COVID-19 at the beginning of the subject line for COVID-19 related funding.
  • Federal funding: Agencies may extend notices and flexibilities to sub awardees under Federal Assistance awards.
  • All other funding: Review your funding agreement, speak to your program contact and OSR or CGA representative about flexibilities allowed.
  • Prime Awards: If your prime award is impacted, contact OSR to help notify subrecipients and formally modify subcontracts where appropriate.
  • Subrecipient Impacts may depend on funding source:


  • International and non-academic subrecipients: Ensure they are aware of policy updates.
  • Paper invoices: Notify any subrecipients that use paper invoices may delay payment. Invoices should be emailed to ensure payment.


Award Setup

  • OSR will communicate to CGA any COVID-19 awards that require accelerated setup
  • Coordinate with your RSC or Contracts Officer to put advances in place where appropriate
  • For COVID-19 activities, please insert “COVID-19” at the beginning of the subject line of your communications to ensure prioritization of your request.