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Where can I find new sources of funding?

Funding sources can be researched through COS/PIVOT,, FedBizOpps and a number of other federal and non-federal websites. Researchers ...

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How do I find my RSC?

See ' Find my OSR staff ' and enter your department(s) to find out which RSC and other OSR staff are assigned to you. Researchers ...

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How do I submit my proposal?

RMS staff will assist you throughout the proposal submission process for all federal and nonprofit grants.  Government and Business Contracts (GBC) will guide you through proposal submission for contracts with federal, state, municipal or foreign ...

admin - 06-10-15

What is the status of my award?

The OSR staff member who assisted with your proposal submission will be able to answer questions about an award that is currently in-process.  For information on a proposal that was submitted but not yet funded, please check with your RSC. For proposals ...

admin - 01-20-15

How do I make changes or file my IRB or IACUC?

Your RSC will gladly guide you through the process and answer questions about the steps necessary to make an administrative modification, and faculty or project staff will use iMedRIS or RIO to file or make changes.   Researchers ...

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How do I set up a Clinical Trial?

The Office of Innovation, Technology & Alliances (ITA) works with investigators and industry sponsors to negotiate the contracts and budgets for all clinical research studies funded by a private, for-profit entity. To set up an industry-funded ...

shanes - 01-20-15