Extended Guidance for Applicants Preparing Applications During the COVID-19 Pandemic

NOT-OD-21-026 informs NIH applicants that the guidance for applicants preparing applications during the COVID-19 pandemic (NOT-OD-20-122) is extended until further notice.

 NIH grant applications should not include contingency plans outlining “steps needed to recover from temporary, emergency situations, or institutional return-to-the-workplace plans, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic”. Such contingency plans will not be reviewed during the peer review process. If necessary, NIH staff will review the requested COVID-19 contingency plans carefully before funding.

 Temporary, emergency situations due to the COVID-19 Pandemic will not affect review scores. Example situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Temporary declines in productivity
  • Availability of key personnel
  • Proposed patient populations
  • Animal facility shutdowns

 Please direct all inquiries to: [email protected]