Submit a Proposal

Last updated on September 11, 2015

After institutional review and approval, the RSC will work with you to facilitate the final submission process.

Submitting a Proposal includes the following step:



Step 10: Final submission of proposal to funding agency

UCSF uses a number of different portals to submit proposals, depending on the type of funding mechanism. Coordinate submission with your RSC, as the majority of these systems require institutional authority.

For a listing of the commonly used sites, see the Electronic Systems page. Contact your RSC to confirm the type of account needed and for help with proposal submission.

RSC will confirm proposal receipt by emailing PI and department within 24 hours of proposal submission or by copying PI/post-award as part of submission.  If submission was performed by PI or department, they will copy RSC as part of submission.



What You Need to Know After Submitting to the NIH

Click here for a tutorial for principle investigators on how not to miss important information about the receipt and referral of your grant application.