Subaward Update

OSR has implemented numerous changes over the last two years in response to a Subaward Business Process Improvement initiative undertaken in May 2015.  OSR has realized many of the planned improvements and continues to identify ways to streamline and improve the subaward process.

Area of Improvement Initiatives January 2018 Update
Improve process and forms

Subaward Request Form update (completed)

New Subrecipient Commitment Form (implemented)

Participated in FDP Clearinghouse pilot (now fully implemented) to fast-track FDP member compliance review.

Temporary staff were hired in 2016 to address the backlog of subaward transactions and allow for implementation of BPI recommendations.

Continued review and improvement of processes and forms.

Implementation of new technology has streamlined the intake process by utilizing OSR Triage.  

Uniform Guidance impacts were assessed and solutions implemented.

The Subaward Risk Assessment process has been streamlined and review for improvements is ongoing.

Optimize resources

Signature authority was delegated to the Subaward Team.

RMS Teams assumed responsibility for initiating subaward requests following receipt of award.

Addition of temporary RA2 associates to support risk assessments and expedite MCAs and simple amendments.

Following success of the BPI implementation with temporary staffing support, OSR is seeking funding to maintain permanent subaward team positions.

Timeline improvements were measured from optimization of resources (see next).

Develop metrics Performance dashboards were developed to determine the success of the BPI.

In 2016, with temporary staffing support, average time to complete was reduced by nearly 50%.

Transactions open > 90 days reduced from 30% down to 7% of workload.

Subaward drafting: reduced to 15 days

With 2017 move to CACTAS (see next) improved visibility and metrics forthcoming.

Implement new technology

Assess electronic system for transition from paper files.

Docusign used to streamline signatures.

Between August and October 2017, paper files were retired with a move to CACTAS for subaward process tracking.

OSR is collaborating with CGA and SCM to transition subaward management from PeopleSoft to BearBuy in 2018. This will allow subaward commitments to be reflected in MyReports.