OSR Guidance Regarding the Government Shutdown

In response to the January 19, 2018 announcement of the government shutdown, the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) will follow this preliminary plan for sponsored projects:

 We will monitor for agency communications concerning specific awards and notify Principal Investigators to coordinate response strategies.  Should the vote pass to re-open the government for a three-week period, we will continue to monitor impact and changes, which affect federal grants and contracts.

 AWARDS: During the funding lapse, please continue performance on your current ACTIVE awards.  No new awards will be processed by the Government for the duration of the shutdown. It is unknown how long a shutdown will last.  For pending Federal awards, departments may (at their own risk) request to set-up of an award advance in order to spend funds prior to an award being received or approved.

 OUTGOING SUBCONTRACTS: RMS Award Team will continue to process Outgoing Subcontract requests for active awards.

 PROPOSALS: We will conduct business as usual and continue preparing and submitting proposals to sponsors.  The only exception is NIH and NSF who recommend not submitting any proposals or progress reports, electronically or in hard copy.  However, we will continue to prepare competing and continuation proposals in anticipation of a new funding bill being approved

 Where to get Additional Information:

 Please visit http://www.ucop.edu/research-policy-analysis-coordination/research-sponsors-agreements/federal-government/shutdown/index.html for updates regarding affected programs.

 All agency contingency plans are posted to the Office of Management and Budget website at: https://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/agency-contingency-plans/.

 Please direct inquiries to [email protected].