Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Funding Allocation Subcommittee

Last updated on March 4, 2016

An OSR Advisory Board subcommittee has been formed to improve the OSR budget and funding model allocation process, with Chuck Hajek leading the effort.

This subcommittee is following a similar approach as the Human Resources Funding Model Subcommittee, where appropriate entities are at the table during the funding allocation decision-making process. The OSR Funding Model Subcommittee stakeholders include the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost (EVCP); OSR representatives; the School of Dentistry; the School of Medicine; the School of Nursing and the School of Pharmacy. 

This subcommittee will focus its work on Fiscal Year 2016-2017. Meetings of the subcommittee will begin in October 2015 with a January 2016 deliverable to the OSR Advisory Committee. The subcommittee will review issues that may include the following:

  • Recommend rates for FY16-17
  • Recommend policies/procedures for handling new scenarios impacting the funding model
  • Liaise with constituencies to communicate the rationale for recommendations and to facilitate buy-in.


Please see the Office of Sponsored Research Funding Model Subcommittee FY 17 Overview slidedeck for additional information on the subcommittee charge, membership, deliverables, and approval process.

Subcommittee Outcomes for FY17:


Contact Chuck Hajek with any questions regarding the OSR Funding Model Subcommittee.