NIH and AHRQ applications with due dates after January 25, 2018 must use FORMS-E application packages

Additionally, NIH applications due after January 25, 2018 that involve one or more clinical trials, must be submitted in response to Funding Opportunity Announcements that allow clinical trials (see NOT-OD-16-147 and NOT-OD-17-043).


  NOT-OD-17-119 provides significant changes made in FORMS-E

  • The most significant change in FORMS-E is the implementationR of the new PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information (HSCTI) form. The HSCTI form webpage provides a 9-minute walk through of the new form.  It is highly recommended that applicants for NIH support watch this walk through and review the resources provided on this webpage.  Your Research Services Coordinator can extract the study record in eProposal and forward it to you for completion (please follow FORMS-E Instruction Guide Section G.500 carefully).  You can return the completed study form to your Research Services Coordinator to be added back to the application forms in eProposal.
  • The Research Strategy attachment should not duplicate information provided in the new PHS HSCTI form;  discuss the overall strategy, methodology and analyses of the proposed research.
  • Incorporation of the updated Appendix policy (see NOT-OD-17-098)
  • Supplemental Instructions have been folded into theRECORD application guide form instructions and/or is contained in the appropriate policy website, e.g. NIH Grants Policy Statement.

 Transition Information for Instructional Applications that Involve Clinical Trials or Research Experiences in Clinical Trials:

NOT-OD-17-122 announces new review criteria for Kirschstein NRSA Individual Fellowship (F series) applications that involve research experiences in clinical trails.

NOT-OD-17-123 announces new review criteria for Kirschstein NRSA Institutional Research Training Grant (T series) applications that involve research experiences in clinical trials.

NOT-OD-18-109 announces additional review criteria for Career Development Award (K series) applications involving clinical trials.

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