COI-Smart User Update

The Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee (COIAC) Office has had some recent updates for users of the COI-Smart financial disclosure system.

New Version (v3.0) of COI-Smart Questionnaire Published in January 

The content of this questionnaire was not dramatically changed from the 2.0 version.  Of the front end changes that users will see is the inclusion of comment fields for each question, and an auto-populate feature.  The auto-populate will pull some of the data from the previous 2.0 questionnaire (if completed) to reduce the amount of information you need to type to complete your disclosure.  Disclosures still need to be updated at least annually with new activity added within 30 days of its occurrence.

We will continue to use v2.0 disclosures if the information in those disclosures was completed within 12 months of the review date.  Investigators do not need to complete a 3.0 questionnaire until they are approaching the expiration of their annual disclosure or until they have new activities requiring disclosure.

COI-Smart Auto Emails

One of the new features of a recent update to the COI-Smart system is the ability to send automatic emails to users informing them that their disclosures have expired.  The system has some limitations that we are trying to work around.  In the coming weeks users whose disclosures have expired should start receiving notifications that an annual update is needed.  We are currently working with the system to try and create a 30 day reminder for disclosures that are approaching their expiration date.

COI-Smart Completion List

If you are unsure whether your COI-Smart disclosures are complete and up to date you can view the completion list at  The completion list has been reformatted to provide more information in a simple format.  Disclosures highlighted in pink are no longer current.  Disclosures highlighted in yellow should be updated soon and disclosures in green are newly completed.  This completion list is updated weekly (usually on Tuesday).   

If you have any questions about using the COI-Smart system or about the disclosure process please contact Allison Kennon-Frink, the Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee Manager.