Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Data Management Plan Policy

 NOT-HS-20-011 announces that the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Data Management Plan Policy (DMP) is effective immediately. All new competing grants and research contract proposals to the AHRQ are required to include a DMP for managing, storing and disseminating primary data, samples, physical collections, and other supporting materials created or gathered in the course of research funded by AHRQ. This policy applies to AHRQ intramural researchers and extramural recipients of AHRQ grants and research contracts unless otherwise specified in the funding opportunity announcement (FOA) or request for proposals (RFP). Implementation of the policy will be  prospective.

The DMP should be submitted under the Resource Sharing Plan section of a grant application or as an appendix for a research contract proposal. The plan will not count toward the page limit for grant applications or contract proposals. It is strongly recommended that applicants discuss their DMP with the Program Official listed on the FOA or RFP.

AHRQ recognizes the time and costs required to prepare data for sharing. AHRQ will allow the inclusion of appropriate costs for data management and access in grant applications and research contract proposals. The appropriateness of requested funding levels for DMPs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis through scientific peer review and by program and grants or contracts management staff. Requests can be made only for costs that will be incurred while the award is active. Applicants must categorize these costs as either direct costs or as indirect costs as appropriate in accordance with federal and institutional policy.

Award recipients are expected to include updates on publicly released data in digital format resulting from their research in quarterly reports (if applicable), annual progress reports, and final reports, and will develop mechanisms to monitor such compliance.

  • Annual or quarterly reports should provide information on the progress of data management and public release of research products (could include citations of relevant publications, conference proceedings, and descriptions of other types of data sharing and dissemination).
  • Final reports are required to include a discussion on execution and any updating of the original DMP included in the original grant applications or research contract proposals.


 Recipients and their Institutions will:

  • Ensure that researchers are aware of and comply with the AHRQ policy;
  • Provide periodic reporting on progress and compliance with the proposed DMPs in quarterly (if applicable), annual, and final reports;
  • Where necessary, include reasonable cost for public access to digital data as a component of grant or cooperative agreement applications or research contract proposals, in accordance with applicable cost principles;
  • Ensure that the final project reports discuss the execution and any updating of the original DMP included in the original grant application or research contract proposal.

Please see the Notice for full details.